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Tourmaline Plaster 50 granules



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Using Natural Benefits for Your Health One of our main goals in life is to stay healthy. Stress in the workplaceas well as in our private life and increasing additional burdens present a seriousproblem for the human body. On top of that, chemicals and other harmful substances challenge our immune system.

The necessity to re-establish and maintain the bodys natural balance isbecoming more and more prominent. Fortunately, we can draw on therich resources nature is offering to us. These resources can help us deal with daily stress and pressure in a better and, more importantly, in a healthier way.

In traditional Asian medicine, acupuncture has been a part of everyday treatment for many centuries. It is becoming more and more popular in Europe and Northern America as well.

Tenseness, headaches and stress can lead to permanent ailments and affect our quality of life tremendously. But even if those symptoms occur only sporadically, they influence our lives negatively.  Highly qualified researchers have invested a lot of time and energy in providing us with a healthy solution to these problems. K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granules-patches use natural effects to help people. 

In Japan, Tourmaline Ceramic Granules are already widely spread.

These small and transparent patches can be easily applied to the skin and worn for up to two days. There are no side effects and the patches do not restrict ones freedom to move.
Since they are easy to use and based on natural ingredients, K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granules can perfectly help us with tenseness and stress.

 Information about the Ingredients

 Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone and mineral, which
emits negative ions. It is one of the few minerals, which can also emit far infrared 
rays. Therefore, Tourmaline can have positive effects on the humans bodily functions. The minerals positive impact on our stress level is already well known. Tourmaline can also support the immune systems general functions and help us improve our ability to concentrate.                      

Far Infrared-Rays (FIR)

Far infrared rays are electromagnetic, invisible waves at the end of the red light spectrum. They have a longer wavelength than visible light. Researchers have found out that far infrared rays are physiologically very active.

A study published in 1993 indicated that far infrared rays could enhance the leucocytes function and improve the immune response.

A study carried out and published by Yoo and Park in 2002 confirmed that far infrared rays vitalize skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. They also stimulate the hypothalamus, a gland responsible for certain metabolic processes and other activities of the autonomic nervous system.

Far infrared rays can enter your skin up to 4cm and be absorbed by the cells very well. They also promote the widening of vessels, which makes it easier for nutrients and oxygen to be absorbed in the tissue.

In the Far East as well as in Europe, far infrared rays are used to relieve chronic pain. Apart from their physiological effect, far infrared rays can also help with detoxification processes.


What kind of Problems can K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granules Patches help with?

The patches are recommended for relief of any kind of tenseness. There are instructions on how to find the right spots for applying the patches to the skin. The invisible patches can be worn day and night without causing any problems. The negative ion far infrared activity of the K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granule lasts for up to 48 hours.


The K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granules have a diameter of 1.5mm and are attached to a circular patch with a 9mm diameter. The clear adhesive patch is invisible even when applied to exposed areas. K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granules do not cause discomfort when applied to the skin. You may take your regular bath or shower with the granules patches in place.


The K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granules patches come in an airsealed package. After cutting the package open, the granules can be removed individually - either by using your fingers or tweezers. As soon as they are applied to the skin, the granules start releasing far infrared rays. Please, make sure that you do not place new patches on the same spot but on a spot slightly different than the original one.

Please note:

K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granules patches can be used for infants older than one year of age as well as during pregnancy without any worries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repeat applying K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granule patches if I want to keep relieving the pain?

You can use several K-Tourmaline Ceramic Granule patches for the same area. Just remember to position the new patch on a spot slightly different than the original one.  If the patch comes off unexpectedly, replace it with a new one.

Are the rays harmful?

Far infrared rays are not harmful and have no side effects whatsoever.


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